Born in Ethiopia and educated in the United States, Freweini Mabrahtu is the founder and champion of the Mariam Seba Sanitary Pad Factory in Northern Ethiopia. This unique factory provides employment for 42 young women and sews more than 600,000 reusable menstrual pads per year that are distributed all over Ethiopia.

Not having access to menstrual supplies often forces girls out of school due to shame and embarrassment. Knowing that every year of education can reduce infant and maternal mortality and improve the lives of future families, Protect
Your Sister Project supports efforts to keep girls in school as long as possible. Additional education also limits child marriage, which puts young girls with undeveloped bodies at higher risk for complications like Obstetric Fistula. Girls also gain more confidence, have increased choices and more of a voice about their bodies and futures.

Protect Your Sister Project has provided reusable sanitary pads to 2,500 young girls in Northern Ethiopia and fully supports businesses like Mariam Seba and projects that help provide practical solutions like menstrual pads and information about reproductive health to women and girls around the world.

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