The Begi Fistula Project first began in 2010 when photographer and
community advocate Kristie McLean traveled to Ethiopia to learn
about Obstetric Fistula. Through the coalition of local partnerships,
both within the US and Ethiopia, a hydro-powered grinding mill was
constructed to help Begi residents grind their grain into flour and to
provide some ongoing funding for local obstetric fistula patients.

The Begi Fistula Project has expanded to include other tangible resources such as huts with metal sheet roofs for women who have been abandoned by their families, healing talking circles for Obstetric Fistula patients, support of the rural Hofa Kobere health clinic, and income generating activities such as raising livestock and sewing re-usable menstrual kits.

Protect Your Sister Project has provided generous support of the Begi Fistula Project through funds and medical supplies to the Hofa Kobere health clinic whose hardworking staff had not received any income for over two years and who struggle to provide for the needs of several thousand rural Ethiopians in the region. PYSP also provided seed money for a sewing machine, fabric and other costs to begin a sewing cooperative for menstrual kits in Begi town, and critically needed repairs to the Upper Chandi Mill which had been damaged by floods during the rainy season.

Needs in Begi are great, and rural women are still struggling mightily with Obstetric Fistula, uterine prolapse and other heavy burdens. If you’d like to donate to the Begi Fistula Project, please click here: